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    Goseriede 1, Hanower , Lower saxony 30159 Germany


    Company Profile

    ayeT-Studios is a Mobile Marketing company specialized in User Acquisition campaigns for all kind of apps (iOS and Android). In our self-service dashboard customers control their promotion campaigns on their own, or we manage campaigns on their behalf after having discussed all the details with our account managers. With the integration of major tracking providers (Appsflyer, Tune, Adjust) we can run very big volumes for apps.

    “Our communication was always good. Their sales team was very proactive. They made sure whatever they commit they deliver according to the committed deadlines. Their project coordinator was also in constant touch with me and made sure my requirements are communicated well"

    Focus Area

    Marketing Based

    Affiliate Based




    Top Company Reviews

    News App
    • Mobile 1 App Marketing
    • Mobile 2 $22,000 - 28,000
    • Application 1 2 Months
    • Branding: 4.0
    • Quality: 5.0
    • Schedule: 5.0
    • Cost: 3.0
    • Client Satisfaction: 4.0


    Project Summary:

    Our organisation used different approaches such as sending mobile notifications and increased app engagement by social media advertising. 

    Feedback Summary:

    The team leader's work was quite impressive and he never hesitated for experimenting different services for the project. He checked every engagement and work according the need.

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    By Operations Manager, Green Hall

    Application 2
    • Developer 3 Green Hall
    • Apps 4 Confidential
    • AppS Configuration Canada


    What was the objective of contacting AyeT Studios?

    I contacted ayet studios for created a news application.


    Were the services delivered as per your expectation?

    Yes, the services were up to the mark and upto my expectations too.

    How did you come to know about AyeT Studios?

    It was from one of the colleagues that i came to know about the company. the services were really great and i am too impressive with their approach.

    What were their point of excellence? would you recommend any area they need to improve?

    Their approach of concluding the project within the tight guidelines was the most impressive part of their services. i don't think they any any such recommendadtions. they are truly impressive the way they offer the services.


    What about their assistance regarding technical, designing and development approach?

    The designing team was truly impressive. technically, they were versed too. and, the development was done impressively.

    Are you going to recommend their services to others?

    Yes, of course i will be recommending them to others. they deserve such kind of recommendations. they are are truly impressive in offering the services.

    What was the budget of the project?

    The wstimated budget was around $22,000-$28,000.


    How much did you like their approach of providing services?

    They were impressive in offering the services. the approach was really good too. and, the best part of their services was the continuous update on the project.


    What timeframe they estimated for project completion? were they successful in completing the project in the estimated time.

    The estimated timeframe was around two months. yes, the project was completed within the estimated timeframe. they offer dedicated support to offer the services.


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