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    17330 preston road, Dallas , Texas 75252 United states

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    11/61, kaveri path, mansarovar, Jaipur , Rajasthan 302020 India


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    ARKA Softwares is one of the most recognized mobile app development & web development companies in the USA due to its creativeness and state-of-the-art quality services. ARKA Softwares has achieved a great many numbers of satisfied clients by providing dynamic and outstanding software solutions across the country and all over the globe.


    We understand the financial barriers and after a detailed go-through of client’s vision and recommendation presents an initial blueprint of the project. Our profound team of highly experienced developers dedicatedly put their efforts to convert your vision into reality with high-performance immaculate products.


    The world of technology is rapidly changing and thus we strive to be a step ahead by providing impeccable social media marketing solutions with a scope to add new features in the future. The dazzling list of our clientele speaks for our quality and experience that include big technology business magante, industrial behemoths, and several StartUps.


    “Our communication was always good. Their sales team was very proactive. They made sure whatever they commit they deliver according to the committed deadlines. Their project coordinator was also in constant touch with me and made sure my requirements are communicated well"

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      HitPlay the best music streaming application.The Hit Music player is the application we ca...

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      ALL N 1 is a mobile appointment scheduling application designed for the beauty & fashion, ...

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    • HealthCare

      Dental elth care app is India’s first self diagnosis app For Dental Healthcare. elth.car...

      Technology Used: Java


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    Rahul Mathur

    Rahul Mathur, CEO ARKA Softwares on Acquiring Space in the Global App Dev Community
    Appdexa's Invitation to Meet the Man Behind the Curtains

    19 June 17 INTERVIEW
    Q A

    Bring us an insight of your business/company and introduce your role there. What was the aim behind establishing "ARKA Softwares"?

    ARKA Softwares is a leading company into the mobile app as well as website development. We hold expertise in .NET technology. I started my career as a developer and worked in the same profile for 7 years. Later I decided to venture into app development domain, so that we could bring the best IT solutions to the clients. For us, it is not only to offer the best solutions but also to be different from others. Apart from that, we have development offices in India, marketing offices in the US and we are heading to Australia, UK & Canada too. Behind establishing ARKA softwares, our core aim was to have a leading IT firm that could straightly arise a boom in the IT sector. Initially, we were developing .NET projects only, but today we have a team of more than 50 in-house developers. They all have expertise in different domains. We have started taking Projects on Python, in addition to this, we are venturing into “Internet of Things” domain too.

    Please introduce your business model. Are you focused on in-house development or do you take third party services for the same?

    We are an internationally acclaimed business entity and we work with global clients. We have separate marketing and development team to support each other. Marketing team greases the business flow and in-house development team creates the product line. We don’t use third -party services. It is a fully-operational business team with us. After being in the industry for the past eight years, we have worked mostly with the mobile app development companies. We have also served some start-ups companies in the US.

    Throw some light on mobile app development pricing and how would you define the pricing method to a prospective user? What are the key factors to estimate the price of a project? How would you ensure the most realistic price quote with minimum variation to your clients.

    Pricing of a project depends totally on the custom requirements of that project, the technologies involved and the features also. Recently, we developed mobile apps centring social media features like Instagram and Pinterest. The apps were similar to these social media sites but we also introduced an additional feature of video chatting. So, an additional functionality increased the overall pricing of the project. One of the major features is absolutely the app functionality. Apart from that it is also the time frame, the basic requirement of developing the application, and the particular requirements of the clients. We do the documentation that is connected directly to the wireframing. We ensure to serve the things that have been asked from us by the clients. One of the most important things to maintain the accuracy is having a direct chat with the clients. After that the report is prepared with a thorough analysis of the whole scenario.

    What is your ideal project delivery process? How you ensure clients' engagement in the process and with the company all through the development phase? Does your company offers maintenance and support services, additionally?

    We focus on conceptualizing the ideas of our clients. We discuss the project's details with the clients and also keep them informed about each development in the project. We have got a number of project development tools for the same. Jira is there that we rely mostly upon. An intense testing method also helps us to offer the best-quality services. Our 24*7 client services is also there to ensure the best delivery. When it comes to engaging clients in any given project, we first ask if they are interested to get involved? In case, they say a “yes”, we assign the project manager directly to the clients. The project manager then keeps on updating the clients on a daily or weekly basis, as per the client’s requirements. We ensure there is no miscommunication between both the parties. We do offer maintenance support depending upon the project requirements. We generally offer 1-2 month's support in addition to some complimentary services.

    What strategies you follow to retain clients? What is your percentage of repeat business?

    Accomplishing client satisfaction is the best strategy to gain repeat business from them. In addition to this, it is the quality of the services and remaining consistent in the project delivery. On-time delivery is again an important thing. Reliability and friendliness is important also for retaining the clients. Building good relations with the clients is also an important parameter. We try to give personal satisfaction to the clients not only in terms of project delivery but also in terms of providing exactly what they desire. The percentage for the repeat business is nearly 92%. And, it is all because we endeavour to offer whatever clients demand from us.

    If given a choice to favor one category, which would you choose as your mobile app development company’s speciality?

    We recommend native app development over Hybrid in terms of mobile app development. Native apps have got great UI and UX, which is important to keep users engaged in the application.

    Give a brief up about your strategies/approaches that differentiate you from your competitors. What are the valuable offerings you provide to the clients?

    Our business is growing rapidly in terms of providing client satisfaction. We try to assign project managers to each projects along with an additional support of quality analyst. It ensures timely delivery of services maintaining the overall quality. Intense delivery process also ensures project delivery with absolute quality. 24*7 in-house support and maintenance enhance the service quality. The combination of these services are the valuable offerings we provide to the clients.

    Share your long term vision for the company growth. What strategies you are following to achieve these goals?

    Being the MD of a well-known IT company, I would like to expand our horizons by hiring self-motivated employees, by offering different kinds of app development and web development services, and satisfying more and more clients with our quality-services. Today, ARKA is at a totally different space from where I started the company. I have seen its growth from a start-up to now an established organization.

    What is your take on the current state of the mobility trends? What are your strategies for remaining updated with the current trends? Can you please share the app development/marketing technology that you have adopted lately?

    In terms of mobile app development, I would like to go with Native app development. It offers better UX. Apart from that, IoT and iBeacons are two important technologies that are growing exceptionally well. We keep on educating our employees about the new and innovative technologies. I have just started projector-based learning sessions for the employees and take it as a monthly task to inform them on the latest happening. Sometimes, we teach them about Python and other times we focus more on Magento. So, overall it is to keep our employees informed with the various ways we can adopt. We have recently adopted iBeacons and IoT.

    Would you like to give any advice to other evolving companies?

    Personally, I would like to say that believe in your own products, services and the quality only. Companies should always invest in what’s going to the scale of your business. It is the success mantra for my company’s progress also. And think globally is an additional advice.

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