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About Appdexa

An Unbiased Platform That Breaks the
Traditional Restrictions of Client-Vendor
Inspite of a rising number of software development companies and several freelance websites promoting
development and marketing services, searching for a team that would align with your business goals
remains a time-taking, stressful task.
Appdexa services is here to solve those issues. We bring convenience and trust back to the software
offshoring process. We offer a platform that saves dollars and months of recruitment curve.

Let us Guide You to The Best Agency

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Appdexa Company is an Amalgamation of Three Prime Features

  • Global platform for service agencies to showcase their services to prospects around the world.
  • A data-science driven algorithm that matches clients with service agencies
  • A go-to knowledge base to learn about the software and digital marketing world.

How Appdexa Works for Agencies

Build a Company Profile
Collect Reviews
Market Your Brand
Get Qualified Leads

Create a Profile

Creating a free profile on Appdexa takes less than 15 minutes. All you have to do is fill in your skillset, enter your client reviews, and upload your portfolio. Our team will guide you through the way.
Create a Profile

Collect Client Reviews

Client Reviews doesn’t just strengthen your presence on Appdexa but also validates your quality results. The math is simple - The more the client reviews the higher would be the chances of getting leads.

Unsure about the process? Let us help you.

  • 1.Submit your client details
  • 2. Schedules a telephonic
    interview with your client
  • 3. Verifies and edit it
    for better clarity
  • 4. Publish reviews on your
    Appdexa profile.
Alternatively, you can pass the online link of your company review to us and our team would validate and write a unique review for you.

Shortlist Agencies

We make it easy for service seekers to find their best match on Appdexa. Peruse through the business data, case studies, Appdexa verified client reviews, and compare competitors of an agency to find the best-match solution provider.

Compare the Agencies

Compare service agencies on multiple criterias to finalize the best. You can use Appdexa digital science driven algorithms to get a customized report on agencies that are scientifically matched to meet your requirements.

Get Genuine Leads

Appdexa, at its heart, is made for agencies and contractual developers, designers. To showcase how we have your best interests, we follow the same rigorous vetting process on the inbound clients as well - ensuring your efforts are never wasted.

Why Emerging & Leading B2B Companies Trust Appdexa

  • Trusted review collection process
  • Thorough company verification of all the listed mobile app development companies & app marketing agencies.
  • Personalized customer support
  • Genuine leads
  • Extensive marketing support

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