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    Jaipur textile market, Jaipur , Rajasthan 302017 India


    Forest hills, Union turnpike , New york NY 11375 United states


    Mayvilee estate, London , England N16 8NF United kingdom


    Company Profile

    3 Edge is headquartered at Jaipur, India with presence in USA, UK and Australia. Quality of work, huge experience in the industry, keeping long term working relationships with clients and the most important keeping it all to the bottom line of your budget are the key factors that makes us apart from many others in the industry. With exceptional experience, intelligence across diverse industries and domains we assist customers to convert their idea into reality and further generate huge revenue to make it big.

    From the last decade demand of Mobile Applications have escalated in all businesses. With a team of dedicated developers we assist businesses of all types in Mobility Services Strategy, Development & Quality Assuarance. We enhance the Overall User Experience by improving the design and feel of the Applications.

    “Our communication was always good. Their sales team was very proactive. They made sure whatever they commit they deliver according to the committed deadlines. Their project coordinator was also in constant touch with me and made sure my requirements are communicated well"

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    PlatForm Based




    Top Company Reviews

    Trip Uthao
    • Mobile 1 App Development
    • Mobile 2 $2000
    • Application 1 2 months
    • UI/UX: 3.0
    • Quality: 3.0
    • Schedule: 4.0
    • Cost: 4.0
    • Client Satisfaction: 4.0


    Project Summary:

    Triputhao is an Online Marketplace that connects Travel Companies/ Agents with driver-owners experienced in Tours and Travels. Our Vision is to give freedom of choice to travel agencies and travel trade chauffeurs to award and select work of their choice.

    Feedback Summary:

    One of the cost effective mobile app development technology service providers.

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    By Manager, Trip Uthao

    Application 2
    • Developer 3 Trip Uthao
    • Apps 4 Confidential
    • AppS Configuration India

    "Best professionals, Icredible Services! "



    What was the objective of contacting 3 Edge Technologies?

    I was looking forward to get my software developed that is why i contacted 3edge technologies.


    Were the services delivered as per your expectation?

    Yes they were able to offer the services as per my expectation. and, they also provided the services under the time frame allotted that too within the budget.

    How did you come to know about 3 Edge Technologies?

    My team did a research to find out the best names in the industry and that is how we get to know about 3 Edge Technologies.

    What were their point of excellence? would you recommend any area they need to improve?

    The team at 3edge technology was able to understand my problem and they did offer the solutions as per my expectations.


    What about their assistance regarding technical, designing and development approach?

    Based on business requirement, they were able to develop the prototype of the project in order to provide similar services. they were also able to do the project documentation. overall, they were able to offer the services as per my expectation.

    Are you going to recommend their services to others?

    Sure! i had already recommended them to a few people.

    did you face any difficulty while coming across 3 Edge Technologies?

    Not really! most of the information was present on their website, which made it quite easier to establish the connection with them.

    Is there anything that makes 3 Edge Technologies worth to contact?

    3 Edge Technologies is really good when it comes to providing specific services to the clients. and, yes i would definitely like contact them if given a chance


    How much did you like their approach of providing services?

    The team was intelligent and ambitious at the same time to offer us the services. so, it was an advantage to get in touch with them.


    What made 3 Edge Technologies promising to you?

    I share a good connection with the promoters of 3 Edge Technologies. the trust factor and of course their excellence in providing the services made them very much promising to us.


    • Trip Uthao

      Triputhao is an Online Marketplace that connects Travel Companies/ Agents with driver-owne...

      Technology Used: Java,PHP

    • Trip Toli

      Project developed based on Angular and Yii to allow visitors create itenary and book guide...

      Technology Used: PHP


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